By educators,
for educators.

Kit is the one-stop shop for files, lists, lesson, calendars, progress monitoring and more. Kit brings teams together to simplify daily tasks with a guided approach to planning and management.

Peek At Some New Features

Organize & share student records

Reduce headaches with easy-to-access student records. Share securely and add notes and history in one convenient system.

Communicate with team members

Create Teams within Kit to simplify working together, from student management to workloads, tasks, and calendar events.

Simplify administrative tasks

Reduce time spenPeek At Some New Featurest on administrative tasks with Kit’ intuitive automation, export, and grouping features.

Here’s how we did it

We developed Kit from scratch with our team of experienced engineers, designers, educators, and therapists. This allowed us to create a software application that meets our specific requirements. As a result, we can offer users a secure and HIPAA-compliant platform with tools and resources tailored to their educational plans and students.

Our mission

At Kit, we understand that interacting with students is the heart of your work. That’s why Kit was designed to help you spend less time rumbling through a pile of papers and more time doing what you were meant to do. Above all, our mission is to recover more of your time for the things that matter most.

Our leadership

With 35+ years of combined experience as Speech Language Pathologists, we’re inspired by the success of students nationwide, not just our own.


Lisa Kathman


Lisa became a Speech Language Pathologist in 1997 starting her career in schools. She also served as served as the Lead SLP for K-12 in the largest school district in Arizona. Lisa has developed a sensitivity to needs of IEP team members from both an administrative and in the trenches perspective.

Sarah Bevier


Sarah has worked in the field of Speech Language Pathology since 2006. Working exclusively in schools provided her great insight into the importance technology and team communication plays in the success of students.

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