The product.

Kit is a software solution designed by educators based on feedback and in-the-field experience. It addresses the real caseload management challenges that special education teams face on a daily basis.

Kit-start your practice

Simplify your work by using natural language commands

Expedite your thinking process by letting Kit help you find what your looking for or help you start an action.

Set the whole IEP team up for success with a new, optimized calendar

With just one calendar tool, you can schedule student appointments, manage team workflows, and securely collect necessary data. Everything syncs in this state-of-the-art smart scheduling software.

Compliant and secure student record sharing

With open lines of communication and robust privacy features for compliant student record sharing, your team can better work together on one incredible platform.

Robust privacy features

Hardened security

Compliant record handling

Calendar is the of

Automated caseload scheduling

Manage student caseloads with ease with Kit’s improved dashboard. The dashboard gives your team easy access to primary functions and needed information.

No more stress.

From calendars to dashboards, student lists to administrative tools, Kit is here to help you take the headache out of managing your workflow.


Is Kit a separate subscription from SLP Toolkit?

Yes, it will be a separate subscription but SLP Toolkit will still be available. You’ll definitely want to check out Kit though because it will have lots of features that everyone has been asking for!

When is Kit being released?

We’re excited about Kit and want the software in your hands as soon as possible! Be on the lookout for the beta release in Q4 of 2023.

How is Kit going to be different from SLP Toolkit?

Kit takes on a guided approach to support SLPs and your whole IEP team with resources and tools that are geared to help students reach their goals faster and teams collaborate more efficiently.