Kit is a one-stop shop for student files, data, lessons, calendars, progress monitoring, and more. Kit brings IEP teams together to simplify daily tasks with a collaborative approach to planning and caseload management. Sign up now for your free beta account and have a voice in feature enhancements and development!

Kit automates the details so you can focus on your work

Kit takes the headache out of workflow management

Simplify your workday with a guided approach to information sharing, data management, planning, scheduling and beyond. Designed by educators for educators within Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Teams:

  • Speech-Language Pathologists
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Assistants

Kit is the most comprehensive software to support IEP teams

We’ve taken what we learned from SLP Toolkit and created an even better, cleaner, and fresher flow for everyone on the IEP team.

Organize & share student records

Reduce headaches with easy-to-access student records. Share securely and add notes and history in one convenient system.

Communicate with team members

Create teams within Kit to simplify working together, from student management to workloads, tasks, and calendar events.

Simplify administrative tasks

Reduce time spent on administrative tasks with Kit’s intuitive automation, export, and grouping features.

Meet your IEP goals every time

All of Kit’s features and resources work together to support you, reducing guesswork to help you efficiently reach your students’ goals.

Manage appointments and events

Set your team, your students, and yourself up for success with one central, syncing calendar with great organizational features.

Streamline your workflow

Kit’s simple visual dashboard plus task and notification functions put staying on top of your work day easier than ever.

Why IEP teams

Our story

We have worked in the field of special education for over thirty-five combined years.

By Educators,
For Educators.

Simplify your workday with our educator-designed approach to information sharing, data management, and more.