Reduce the burden of compliance.

Kit’s designed to make it easier for educators like you to spend more time with your students, providing the specially designed instruction only you can. 

Kit addresses the growing challenges for school districts

Recruitment & Retention

With growing caseload sizes and accompanying paperwork demands, districts face increased competition from other clinical settings due to burnout in the school setting.

Consistent Documentation

Scattered and inconsistent notes on paper and in binders make it impossible to effectively communicate proof of services and quality of treatment to parents.

Defensive Litigation

Without a consistent process for data collection, documentation of IEP present levels, and progress monitoring, you run the risk of being sued.

Kit supports new and experienced SPED professionals

We’ve taken what we learned from SLP Toolkit and created an even better, cleaner, and fresher flow for everyone on the platform.

  • Assessments to determine IEP present levels
  • Streamline progress monitoring
  • Time saving for Medicaid billiing reports
  • Generator for S.M.A.R.T. goal development
  • Lesson plan templates to align with student needs

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